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This is the most popular Clash of Clans Bot – They have by far the biggest community and their focus is to offer an easy-to-use but efficient bot.


The guys from RaccoonBot act as an affiliate of BoostBot. This means they offer basically the same bot but under a different name.


This is a CoC bot based on a scripting language called AutoIt. It offers lots of features but doesn’t interact with Clash of Clans as other bots do.

BoostBot GUI

BoostBot Review

Previously BoostBot performed a brand name change from ClashBot to BoostBot due to legal actions taken by the game publisher Supercell. However, they are still the most known bot provider. BoostBot always aimed for a very easy to use bot, making it very easy for unexperienced botters to get into the botting scene. They achieve this by not offering to many functions but also by a well structured GUI. Nowadays they also have a lot of features and the good structure suffered a bit from this.

BoostBot’s business model is offering a shareware software. A shareware bot means that there is a free and paid version. The free version is limited by the amount of available features. The paid version is only limited by the amount of concurrent sessions each VIP account.

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RaccoonBot Review

The Clash of Clans Bot RaccoonBot is affiliated with BoostBot. Both companies share developers to improve and create new features for their bots. RaccoonBot isn’t as popular as BoostBot but it definitely has a place in the Top 3 bots. The GUI and layout is similar to BoostBot’s, nicely lain out with clear information about each feature. There are many features already on the bot and the developers are always adding more.

Like BoostBot, RaccoonBot offers a shareware bot which allows free use and premium use. Of course there are large benefits of paying for the bot. The money goes towards the developers as for some of them this is a full time job.

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RaccoonBot GUI

MyBot Review

MyBot is one of the most well-known bot providers in the industry. MyBot has an efficient bot that normally produces good results. On the other hand the GUI is quite messy – pictures or unnecessary text take up a lot of space that could be used for better reasons. However the tabs and individual features are labelled well which does make it easy for a new user to identify each section of the bot in order to configure it to their own liking.

Rather controversially MyBot provides all features free of charge. No payment is required to use the bot. This is seen as very advantageous by some but others believe that this affects the quality of their bot.

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LazyPressing Review

Lazy Pressing is a 2 year old company who have around 150,000 users. They are a relatively small company in comparison to other bigger bot providers such as BoostBot. They offer many features and their bot is said to be efficient and of high quality. They layout of the bot is done very similarly to other bots as they use tabs to classify their features.

There are many guides showing an user how to set up the bot or configure it to their own liking. These are in the form of videos or text. They are on a few social media sites and have their own website and forums where they can communicate with the users. They are a “freemium” botting company and offer a premium service in exchange for money. However the free version is available for all to use.

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Lazypressing GUI
BrokenBot GUI

BrokenBot review

BrokenBot have only been around for a short period of time, 9 month, but they have already attracted a user base of 200,000 people. Likened to MyBot, they want to provide a bot which is free of charge and doesn’t have any premium or VIP version. All features are given to the user, none are withheld and none are reserved for some but for others. The GUI is fairly large and does take up a lot of the space but there is no wasted space and everything is organised well. They are closed sourced (find out what this means in the review) and only have 3 developers at the moment which is a bit surprising for a company their size. They have their own website, forums and advertise and communicate a lot using social media. There are setup guides which help new users install and start to use the bot. For a more in depth analysis of the bot read the full review.

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Showing BoostBot live

Functionality of Clash of Clans Bots

Clash of Clans Bots such as BoostBot, RaccoonBot or MyBot require a Windows computer, which runs these Applications. Furthermore the Windows computer which runs these Bots needs to execute an Android Emulator like BlueStacks. The Android emulator emulates a common Android smartphone. Using this technique the above mentioned bots are able to take control of smartphone apps (e. g. Clash of Clans). In order to bot your own Clash of Clans account you can login into your Android account, which is already linked to your Clash of Clans town. In case it hasn’t been linked yet (because you are using iOS on your smartphone), you can still easily do it. BoostBot wrote a blog article about how to link your Clash of Clans account to BlueStacks here:

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